Nov. 5, 2008

Are you helping to audit the vote? If your candidate lost for CON-gress and most likely they did since the people supposedly voted back in the same scoundrels, or your state house, sheriff, etc., please contact them and help analyze the numbers. You can catch the fraud and stop certification of the vote.

Candidates: Don't just walk away. Call your supporters and ask them to help you. Retirees, college students with flexible schedules. This doesn't cost any money and doesn't take all that much time.

If your candidate, regardless of office, loses on Tuesday night, call that candidate on Wednesday and volunteer to help audit the vote. Get friends and like minded folks together and get it in gear BEFORE the vote is certified. It varies from state to state, so call your county clerk's office and the Secretary of State's office and ask when the drop dead date is for certification of the vote. These candidates can't do it without all of us. You voted for them, you might have worked for their campaign, now help them prove vote fraud and stop unlawfully elected incumbents or candidates from taking office.

What are you looking for? Please hit this link. While these numbers are old, it's how I analyzed the vote count. Scroll down about half way to where it begins 'Herger's Race.' There you will see the number of registered voters, how they allegedly voted and the missing votes. The narrative continues with another investigation. Read it all. Go to the county clerk's office in your district and get the number of registered voters, how many people voted and how they voted for the office you're investigating, i.e, sheriff or member of Congress or mayor.

Once you begin to look at the numbers, you'll see they don't match. They never do. The vote count in the primaries changed daily in California for almost two weeks, yet the winners were declared election night. What a scam. Once you gather the numbers, the candidate or incumbent who allegedly lost files for an injunction to stop certification of the vote with the superior court. If a judge agrees there's enough documentation and the county/state is at fault, in most states the candidate doesn't have to pay for a hand recount. It's the only way we're going to stop what will happen tomorrow.

Do you know that according to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are only 3,141 counties or county-equivalent administrative units in the entire country? That's only an average of 62 counties per state. You see, with a relatively small number of people working with each constitutional candidate or incumbent who allegedly lost, beginning the day after the election, we CAN stop who got the winner's flag as a result of fraud.

If we don't get rid of a substantial number of incumbents in Congress, we are toast. Every member of Congress who voted for the unconstitutional looting of our money called the big bail out must be thrown out of office. Without at least 150-200 constitutional candidates elected to the House, we will have no way to hold the next new world order puppet in the White House in check. We won't have any fighters in the House of Representatives to begin dismantling the police state being erected around us, as well as getting rid of all the bad laws and begin the process of returning to a sound monetary and banking system. The same applies to the state houses and what must be done at the state level.

Will you help or will we once again be robbed of our choice of leadership?

Update: Also, if you do have enough volunteers, assign one person to look at the presidential race if you're in these states: Ohio, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, Hawaii, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Mass, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and DC.

The numbers are and will continue to change for a week. That's because these incompetent election divisions have no idea the number of people registered legally, who voted, ect. Remember this link:


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